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A Word on Shipping African art

Once you have decided which piece of art you would like to purchase, the next choice concerns shipping. We are aware you will want us to take the utmost care of your art piece.

Shipping African art from door to door

EMS/Speedpost on the road in rural Kenya

EMS/Speedpost on the road in rural Kenya

We ship using EMS Speedpost, which is the renowned international courier service of national postal services. They provide Trace & Tracking numbers, so you can follow the whereabouts of your purchase from us having delivered it at the counter, all the way to your doorstep. We have used EMS for years now, with great success.


The most important part of shipping African art safely to your location is the packaging. We provide high quality carton rolls in which we ship “frameless” art; ie a painting that has been taken off its frame. This saves a lot on the shipping costs, which could run up into the hundreds of US dollar. As shipping companies use so-called volumetric weight to calculate their costs, the bigger a package, the more expensive it is. A framed painting of 60*80 cm (23″ * 31″) that would weigh around 1.5 kilogram when hanging on a wall, would measure nearly 5 kilogram in volumetric weight. That same painting rolled up in a carton of 65 cm would be billed at a volumetric weight of around 1 kilogram. In money terms, that is a difference of about US 100…

Smaller paintings would best be shipped on-frame, as you will have expenses at home to stretch it and frame it again. As prices for this service vary from city to city and country to country, we can’t tell you how much this service would cost in a specialised shop near you. Do enquire before you make your choice of shipping here on our site.

We roll a painting on its shortest side. So, a painting of 40cm wide * 100cm long * 5cm deep (when on a frame) will be rolled along the 40cm axis. We will then put it in a carton roll of 45 cm long, and 8 cm in diameter. The volumetric weight is then (45 * 8 * 8)/5000 = 0.576 kg, which the courier will then round up to 1 kg. For this same painting sent “on frame” the calculation would be: (40 * 100 * 6)/5000 = 4.8 kg, which would be rounded up to 5 kilogram.

If you do choose to send it “on frame”, rest assured that we take great care to prevent any damages. We cover the painting with materials that will prevent scratching or any other possible damages.

Shipping sculptures

Due to the sizes and weights of sculptures it is very difficult to predict the packaging and shipping costs of sculptures. Do send us an email if you have found something worth your while, and we’ll let you know the costs involved of getting it to your location.

Alex Wainiana - "Junk Art"

Alex Wainiana – “Junk Art”