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Peter Kibunja – Biography

Peter Kibunja was born in 1975 in Ngecha Location Kiambu District. He started in primary school in 1980 but only made it to standard 7. Peter dropped out due to financial problems at home.

Peter Kibunja believes art has always been in his blood. When he was a little boy he used to make toys with mud and sketch on the earth. Peter used to quarrel with his teachers for doing sketches on his science books instead of the art books, and for not making teacher’s notes.

It was in the “Art Scene” of a local dwelling that he met his idol, Wanyu Brush. Brush, a popular artist from Peter’s village, would become his teacher in 1992. Wanyu Brush guided Peter for about six months through paintings and providing him with artistic material. Peter is strongly influenced by Pablo Picasso in portraying faces.

After leaving Wanyu, Peter started producing art works in high numbers. People did not believe that the art he produced were the works of a beginner. They would ask him to do more simply to prove his skills. The cynicism was a big let-down, but it never kept him from his vision.

Peter is inspired by the surroundings, e.g daily activities in the community.

In 1996 he met an old British supporter who also provided Peter with artistic material. For four years he stayed with him in his work place working as a designer, which further strengthened his skills as an artist.

It was during that time that he made a lot of sales that made him realize the progress. Since then he has received international respect.


  • Gallery Watatu, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Kenya National Museum, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Goethe institute, Nairobi, Kenya
  • French Cultural Center, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Banana Hill Art Studio, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Cologne, Germany
  • Museum of African Art, USA
  • Belgium
  • Bondo, in France

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Biographical Information

Name: Peter Kibunja
Date of Birth: 1975
Place of Birth: Ngecha, Kiambu, Kenya
Resides: Nairobi
Graduated from: School of Life
Graduated in: Self-taught
Marital Status: Married
Style: Painter, wood cuts, sculptures, scrap metal work

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