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Jjuuko Hoods – Biography

Jjuuko Hoods was born in 1980 and is one of the few Ugandan artists who has put his country on the international map of Arts. A graduate with a first class degree from Kampala University and currently the Director of ghecko art gallery Uganda, President of the Society of Uganda
 Jjuuko Hoods succeeded in transforming contemporary African art out of the Craft and Art fact classification  by integrating  both modernity and traditional concepts.

He has become an icon of the contemporary Artist generation who are African at heart with a highly motivated goal of changing the face of Ugandan art and Africa at large.

Very famous for his unique technique of Bark cloth painting since 2000, Jjuuko Hoods has managed to expand his scope of experimenting by venturing into medias like recycled polythene, cityscapes, 
bugs, wood and metal fabrication and copper wire used on canvas.

Jjuuko has since 2000 had 11 one-man-shows that include the following
2000-solo exhibition: Source of the Nile
2001 – Uganda Museum in Kampala (Uganda)
2002 – Rwanda Novotel Hotel in Kigali (Rwanda)
2003 – Afri art Gallery in Kampala (Uganda)

2004 – Tanzania Mawazo Art Gallery
2004 – New York (US)
2005 – Tulifanya Art Gallery (Uganda)

2005 – London (UK)
2006 – Afriart Gallery in Kampala (Uganda)
2007 – Denmark
2008 – Qatar (UAE)
2010 – Afriart Gallery in Kampala (Uganda)

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Biographical Information

Jjuuko-Hoods-portrait-1Name:Jjuuko Hoods
Place of Birth:Kampala, Uganda
Date of Birth:1980
Graduated from: Kampala University
Graduated in:
Style: Painter
Marital Status:

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