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Hassan Mukiibi – Biography

Hasssan Mukiibi was born in Kampala, Uganda. He is a specialist in printmaking, painting, and tie and dye. He works with printer’s ink, acrylics, oil, pastel, water colures and dyes.

Mukiibi has used art as a form of threapy to the traumatized, hope to AIDS and HIV and, mental and physical handicapped.

For Hassan, some central themes in his work are women and their activities. He prefers to focus on their positive impact in the social, political and economic spheres. Women are seen by many as subservient to men. Hassan disagrees with that view, and portrays women as the strong and inspiring beings they have been in his own life.

Hassan Mukiibi currently volunteers as an art therapist in several organizations. For example: the Institute of Infectious Diseases (IDI). He also volunteers at Mulago hospital, Butabika hospital, in northern Uganda. Here he works with traumatized children and those affected by war through the international “Let Art Talk” organization.

Finally, of course, he is a talented, practicing artist.

A short list of activities by Hassan Mukiibi:
-working as a volunteer with makerere institute of the infectious diseases in Mulago hospital as an art therapist helping

-Worked for Margaret trowel school of industrial and fine arts as volunteer in the community oriented initiative that aims
at building capacity and well as enhancing development of arts and design.
-Worked for genuine electronics at platinum house as a sales representative.

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Biographical Information

Hassan MukiibiName:Hassan Mukiibi
Place of Birth: Kampala, Uganda
Date of Birth:
Graduated from: Self-taught
Graduated in:
Style: Painter
Marital Status:

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