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George Kimani – Biography

My full name is George Kimani Mungai. Although I was born in Kiambu district, near to Nairobi, I grew up in the Rift Valley, after my parents had moved there.

My love for art was inspired by a teacher in secondary school who believed i had a talent for painting, and who stimulated me to practice, and follow my gift.

In early 2008, due to the post-election violence, we had to move away from the Rift Valley, and I shifted to Banana Hill. Here I was quickly invited to join the gallery by a friend of the family, Shine Tani. It was through meeting other artists here that I got to further enhance my artistry.

In my work I am inspired by African women, and how they always toil in their daily chores. Because of my long stay in the Rift Valley, where one interacts with people from a mix of ethnic communities, I also like to paint the diversity of Kenya’s people. In those paintings I zoom in on cultural activities one can still find, like pottery, the threading of baskets, trade, etcetera.

Using vibrant and bright colours adds taste to my paintings, which attracts many commentaries.

Some of the Exhibitions I have taken part in

  • 2007: US Embassy (group exhibition)
  • 2008: Gowdown Arts Centre, Nairobi
  • 2008: Alliance Francaise: group exhibition
  • 2010: Museums of Kenya: group exhibition
  • 2012: Nairobi Gallery: group exhibition
  • 2012: Museums of Kenya: group exhibition
  • Biographical Information

    Name: George Kimani
    Date of Birth: 1979
    Place of Birth: Lari
    Resides:Banana Hill
    Graduated from: School of Life
    Graduated in: Self-taught
    Style: Painter
    Marital Status:

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