Contemporary African Art Gallery in Nairobi, Kenya

Biographies of Our Artists

We provide, as best we can, biographies of the artists we work with. Click on either the title of the article or the image to read the full post.

Alex Wainaina – Biography

Alex Wainana is a self taught artist and has been doing sculptures for the last 12 years. Hooked up in art by Gallery Watatu former manager Ruth Schaffer, she encouraged him when she saw one of his first small metal sculpture. It was his turning...
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Andrew Kamondia – Biography

Andrew Kamondia Banana Hill Art Gallery Nairobi
Andrew Kamondia wa Gathigi is a former farmer, sign writer and batik from Wangige whose first paintings were bought by Gallery Watatu’s Ruth Schaffner while he was still a farm Manager at Red Hill. Mentored by Ruth, Kamondia attended several Watatu Foundation Workshops where he...
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Bezalel Ngabo – Biography

Says Bezalel Ngabo: “I was born in the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa. I realized I had artistic abilities when I was very young and hence when I became of age I proceeded to fine arts school, academy des beaux-arts to build...
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Francis Kahuri – Biography

Francis Kahuri - Grabbing It All
Kenya’s elder statesman of the visual arts’ Francis Kahuri belong to the African Masters and has always expressed himself through mask figuratively. Kahuri is best known African Picasso but his work is also known to be more original, colorful and African than any European artist...
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George Kimani – Biography

George Kimani Banana Hill Art Gallery
My full name is George Kimani Mungai. Although I was born in Kiambu district, near to Nairobi, I grew up in the Rift Valley, after my parents had moved there. My love for art was inspired by a teacher in secondary school who believed i...
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Haji Chilonga – Biography

Haji Chilonga was born in 1969 at Masasi District in Mtwara Region which is located southern parts of Tanzania. He comes from a family of blacksmiths and potters. Chilonga was discovered that he had an art talent soon after he joined his primary school education....
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Hassan Mukiibi – Biography

Hasssan Mukiibi was born in Kampala, Uganda. He is a specialist in printmaking, painting, and tie and dye. He works with printer’s ink, acrylics, oil, pastel, water colures and dyes. Mukiibi has used art as a form of threapy to the traumatized, hope to AIDS...
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Ismael Kateregga – Biography

Ismael Kataregga Banana Hill Art Gallery Nairobi
Ismael Kateregga is a Uganda artist with great international acclaim. His works are to be found in private collections in The Netherlands, The UK, USA, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, Italy and Sri Lanka. He has participated in many group exhibitions in Kampala and the...
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Jack Kaluva – Biography

Jack Kaluva only began exhibiting his soft-wood sculptures in 2007 when he was invited by fellow-artist Patricia Njeri to come on board with her at the Village Market Exhibition Hall. Prior to that, this enterprising self-taught artist had been everything: from a pest fumigator to...
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Jeff Wambugu – Biography

Jeff Wambugu
Jeff Wambugu was born in Kenya in 1975 – in Karura Location, Kiambu District – only a few miles/KMs from Nairobi. In 1981 he joined Kirangari Primary School and in 1991 was admitted in Kamahuha Secondary school. In 1995 he completed his secondary school education....
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Jjuuko Hoods – Biography

Jjuuko Hoods was born in 1980 and is one of the few Ugandan artists who has put his country on the international map of Arts. A graduate with a first class degree from Kampala University and currently the Director of ghecko art gallery Uganda, President...
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Julius Kimemia – Biography

Julius Kimemia, Having A Drink.
Julius Kimemia worked as a farmer and butcher in Ngecha village for over a decade before following the advice of his friend and fellow artist, Peter Kibunja, not to waste his artistic talent. Biographical Information Name: Julius Kimemia Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Resides:...
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Kivuthi Mbuno – Biography

Kivuthi Mbuno; Banana Hill Art Gallery, Nairobi
Kivuthi Mbuno was born in Kenya in the year 1947. He is an recognized master of the international art scene. His works were exhibited in very important museums and private galleries in Europe (Saatchi Collection, London, Germany) and in the United States (Center for African...
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Martin Muhoro – Biography

Martin Muhoro Banana Hill Art Gallery Nairobi
There never were a lot of writing, spelling and mathematical problems in Martin’s school books. Instead, they were full of drawings of zebras, gazelles and giraffes. Martin Muhoro grew up in the Rift Valley in Kenya. On his way to school he often came close...
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Patrick Kinuthia – Biography

Patrick Kinuthia
Patrick Kinuthia wrote the following text himself, in which he describes his sources of inspiration, his growth and some of the highlights in his career: My early influences were Norman Rockwell. I remember sifting through a rubbish pit at home when I was around 12...
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Paulo Akiiki – Biography

Paulo Akiibi
Paulo Akiiki is a contemporary African artist-painter from Uganda, and has widely exhibited both locally and internationally. Paulo spent most of his youth in his native countryside, a vast area marked by varying bright, dry or lush green plains with dazzling sunlight and spectacular views...
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Peter Kibunja – Biography

Peter Kibunja - African Mona Lisa; Banana Hill Art Gallery, Nairobi
Peter Kibunja was born in 1975 in Ngecha Location Kiambu District. He started in primary school in 1980 but only made it to standard 7. Peter dropped out due to financial problems at home. Peter Kibunja believes art has always been in his blood. When...
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Rahab Shine – Biography

The owners of Banana Hill Art Gallery, Shine and his wife Rahab.
I am a self-taught artist. It was in 1990, when I met Shine Tani, that my passion for art was sparked. Shine later became my husband, and together we set up Banana Hill Art Gallery. I have been active in painting and have participated many...
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Ronald Tindi – Biography

Tindimwebwa Ronald Chris (Tindi) has been practicing art for over ten years. He has a Diploma in Draftmanship, though he is currently solely making a livelihood from art. Tindi feels no boundaries when it comes to techniques; he looks at the broader perspective when he...
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Salum Kambi – Biography

Salum portrait horcut
My name is Salum Kambi 
I was born in Dar es Salaam. My love for art started at a very early age. While in primary school I made drawings of my schoolmate Gibons Mlowe, who proved to be the perfect model. When I finished my...
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Sebastian Kiarie – Biography

Sebastian Kiarie - Wedding
Born in 1971 and being a self-taught artist, Sebastian Kiarie developed his artistic talent at a young age and pursued this interest throughout his elementary and tertiary schooling. But it was his other Ngecha artists who heightened his interest in mainstream art in early 1990s....
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Shine Tani – Biography

The owners of Banana Hill Art Gallery, Shine and his wife Rahab.
Shine Tani acted as a teacher during his years in school by giving instruction to the pupils who had an interest in art. For Shine himself, art was not taught in school but at home: his elder brothers made a lot of drawings and they...
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Ssali Yusuf – Biography

Ssali Yusuf at Banana Hill Art Gallery
Ssali Yusuf started working as a full-time artist in 2003 at his personal studio in Kampala, while he was a student of Makerere University in Uganda’s capital. Ssali graduated in 2006 and has since refined his art, while pursuing a professional career as a painter....
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Stephen Njenga – Biography

Stephen Njenga was born in Thogoto. He developed an art while still in school and later graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts from the Creative Arts Centre in Nairobi. He worked as an apprentice in interior design with several contractors and taught Art and...
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