Contemporary African Art Gallery in Nairobi, Kenya

Banana Hill Art Gallery

Who we are…

Banana Hill Art Gallery is jointly owned by Rahab and Shine Tani, two well-known Kenyan visual artists in their own right. Rahab and Shine created a name for themselves in the early 1990s in and among the Kenyan art scene. Through extensive media exposure, other artists came to know of the couple, and contacted them for support so they too could break through.

How we became “Banana Hill Art Gallery”

Due to lack of support for Art in Kenya, artists often have to fend for themselves. Shine and Rahab opened their doors and provided accommodation, food and materials. The number of artist joining the couple grew steadily, and it became sensible to formalise the communal facilities in an official artists’ Studio.

Banana Hill Art Gallery, Kenya

Rahab and Shine (center), with some of their artists

In 1994, the Banana Hill Art Studio was born, starting with a membership of twelve artists. By 2005, this number had grown to over 38, some of whom had already made name internationally. In 2006, Shine Tani became the legal owner of what had been changed into the Banana Hill Art Gallery.

Since then, the Gallery has opened its doors to East African Art, first by exhibiting art from neighbours Tanzania and Uganda. This increased the fame of the Gallery among artists’ circles in the region, and soon other East African artists found their way to the Gallery. In 2011 we increased our geographical scope by organising an exhibition by Kofi Agoso from Ghana, West Africa.

In 2012, twenty years after we started, Banana Hill Art Gallery counts over 70 artists from all over the continent.

Our Approach to Arts and Artists

Banana Hill Art Gallery: Sculptures

The Gallery offers paintings and sculptures

Our Gallery in the town of Banana Hill, just North of the famous Village Market in Nairobi (click here to see a map) is well worth a visit for any lover of contemporary art from Kenya and Africa. The Art we exhibit is full of life; artists express themselves in many ways through their works, and we are proud to allow this freedom of expression. Subjects vary from daily life in urban and rural settings, to still lives, to abstract arts and traditional African settings, colours and patterns. What all our Art has in common is that they are packed with tales from the heart of Africa.

We only select quality art by established as well as creative, upcoming artists. Our Gallery provides paintings as well as sculptures. We seek to provide fair prices for both our clients and our artists, because bringing clients and artists together is the foundation of our success This approach enhances the creation of a culture whereby art and artists are genuinely appreciated for their creative endeavours. We have made their succes our succes; and opening up the incredible source of talent in Africa remains our mission for the future.

Learning about African art is a process. One has to be exposed to it, become acquainted with it’s unique qualities, and then focus on which of these qualities are suited to one’s individual preference. This can take time, but we’ll guarantee you, it will be quality time!

Relax, look around, think about its fantasy, get as much input as you can. And when you are ready absorbing the creative energy you’ll encounter in our Gallery, Shine and Rahab will be happy to assist you further.

We can ship your purchases to anywhere in the world with a service provider of your choice. Contact us here for more information.

"Telling the Beginning", by Ssali Yusuf

“Telling the Beginning”, by Ssali Yusuf