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A Word on Our Payment Facilities

Ben Kiwanuka Road

“Ben Kiwanuka Road” by Jjuuko Hoods

When buying on-line it is important you know your details are handled with the utmost care. To guarantee safety of payments for both you and for us, we use a provider that has proved itself as safe, secure, speedy and reliable: Pesapal. They have been approved by the Kenyan authorities as a registered financial services provider, and they use a set of safeguards that is globally recognised as among the best.

You can find more information on them, their services and their reputation here.

Pesapal accepts national and international credit cars like Visa and Mastercard, as well as a string of Kenyan mobile banking services (Mpesa, Airtel Money, etcetera). Because they are based in Kenya, they use the Kenya Shillings as the base currency. On the last page in the payment sequel you will, therefore, see the total amount in Kenya Shillings.

As we are wholly owned and operated by Kenyan citizens, it is not yet possible to open an account with the better-known US-based provider “Paypal”. They require Kenyan companies to have a US bank account, which we do not have.

In case of any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Best regards,
Rahab Shine & Shine Tani