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A word on colours and representation

Jjuuko Hoods - Untitled; Banana Hill Art Gallery, NairobiAlthough all representations of art on this site are done by a professional photographer, using high-end equipment both while shooting as well as during the editing process, there will always be differences in the ways colours are processed by the wide variety of computer screens.

It is not possible to calibrate for those differences. Some display very accurate colours, while others lean to one of the primary colours in a strong manner.

We at Banana Hill Art Gallery therefore advise you to come visit us in our gallery to view the art works with your own eyes before deciding to buy. If you are outside Kenya, we can – upon request – send you high resolution photos of art works you are interested in. You can then print these out at a photoshop nearby to better judge if the art work you are interested in is indeed to your liking.

Warm regards,
Banana Hill Art Gallery

Bazalel Ngabo - Lion